Callignee II – Our Grand Designs Project


When the original home burnt down, just two weeks after completion, in the Black Saturday fires, Berwick Drafting was engaged to bring this sustainable, eco bush retreat back to life. Nestled among 5 acres of bushland sits Callignee II, a 100% off grid, luxury eco retreat situated in the beautiful Gippsland region. 


Designed with the bush landscape in mind, Callignee II was raised from the ashes in a sustainable approach, where bush living meets luxury. Director of Berwick Drafting, Sean Hamilton, notes “the standout sustainability feature is the recycling of existing embodied energy, retained in the salvageable, albeit burnt, bucked and twisted rubble of building materials, structural elements and fabric”.


Callingee II was featured in Season 1, Episode 1 of Grand Designs Australia and has won a number of architectural awards. With the previous home burning down, the project ethos was based on creating a robust, bush resistant home that can withstand the environment and the test of time. The exterior of Callignee II is an ultimate bushland beauty with bold slabs and fire-resistant weathering steel, all seamlessly working together to create a bush-proof fortress.


This home has an incredible selection of contrasty materials, from the Corten rust-colored walls and ceilings to reclaimed timber in some flooring. The beautiful textures created by these different exteriors is only outshined by how seamlessly they come together inside this space.


This house is an example of organic construction in every way, from its solar power to the materials used. It’s designed so that it has a minimal environmental impact and relies 100% on sunpower all year round. Callignee II offers a slower pace of life and invites you into its own environment, one that reflects the natural landscape.


Callignee II was a fusion of skill sets between Berwick Drafting and Swale Constructions, where we collaborated to bring this project to life. 


In every project we undertake, Berwick Drafting dives deep into the project ethos, natural landscape of each build and applies our design sensibilities to bring award winning homes like this to life. We thoroughly enjoy working with clients to maximise impact through the design of your home, right through to the materials sourced. The team at Berwick Drafting ensures the underlying design ethos of your project is always the focal point of the project. 


When collaborating with a team like Berwick Drafting, our previous experience – such as Callignee II – speaks for itself. With award winning architectural projects like Callignee II in our portfolio, you can be rest assured that we not only work with you and understand your project requirements, we execute each design project to the highest quality. 


Callignee II has been featured in a large number of architectural mediums, which we will link below. We welcome you to take a look through this collaboration where environment meets architectural design.